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Commercial Building Maintenance works with numerous commercial real estate owners and managers in Northern and Central Maryland, Northern Virginia and parts of Washington, DC. From Damascus and Frederick to Gaithersburg and Rockville, we help you keep up with cleaning, maintenance and repairs of your property. Even if your type of facility is not on the list, feel free to contact us, as we’ll most likely be able to help!


Our janitorial team at CBM carries a biolab cleaning certification, which means we’ve undergone training required to handle medical waste and provide general lab maintenance services. We can help you maintain a safe and clean environment for your staff to work in and for your clients to visit. Keep in mind that our lab janitorial services are highly flexible and can be customized to your lab’s unique needs. In one of the laboratories we contract with, for example, we box BioHazard waste containers getting them ready for shipment to the treatment facility. If you are thinking about outsourcing lab maintenance or janitorial services, get in touch with us to discuss how we can help.

Medical Centers

If your medical center could use assistance keeping your visitor and patient areas clean, you are in the right place. At CBM we are not afraid to get our hands dirty regardless of the challenge. As a medical facility, you know that cleanliness is more than a part of your image—it’s a requirement in your line of work. It doesn’t matter what happened today, who spilled a coffee or who squeezed a sticky ointment all over the floor—your medical facility needs to be sparkling clean the next morning, and we can help you achieve this with our janitorial services for medical center.


Finding a good janitorial service company for your school maintenance is not always easy. You need someone who has experience cleaning high-traffic, highly populated facilities and who will do a good job. At CBM, we believe that a clean environment is a prerequisite for learning, and we know exactly which areas in a school or college need the most cleaning. From gyms to hallways, to kitchens and conference halls, we will make your school sparkle! Need help cleaning up after the graduation ceremony or a New Year’s party? Our janitorial services for schools can accommodate. We will work tirelessly around your schedule until the very last confetti is gone!


As a Maryland janitorial service provider, we work with numerous property managers who need apartment or condo maintenance. Our job is to make sure your tenants always feel welcome when they walk into the building and hit that elevator button. Our janitorial services for apartment buildings are flexible and can be tailored to your needs. Besides maintaining the building itself, we can also assist with tenant evictions and apartment prep for the next tenant. Because at CBM we are also skilled in handyman work, we can not only only clean an apartment from top to bottom, but also patch drywall, replace light bulbs and apply a fresh coat of paint. No matter what condition the property is in, we will make it clean and cozy for the next tenant.

Office Buildings

CBM provides flexible building maintenance and janitorial services for office buildings and small business offices. Whether you are a property manager or a business owner who owns and manages your office building, you will find it easy to work with us. Outsourcing office building maintenance and janitorial services will help you focus on what’s important—growing your business and serving your customers. We can help you take the headache out of office cleaning, building maintenance and occasional handyman services you may need. Ceiling tile fell and broke? We’ll come and replace it. Disaster scene in a restroom? Consider it back to normal!

Property Managers

Our CBM team has extensive experience working with Maryland property managers. Over 30+ years of providing janitorial services and building maintenance, we’ve helped numerous property managers take care of the business side while we are keeping their properties clean and up to date on maintenance and repairs. From our experience, each facility has its unique cleaning needs and challenges, and you may already know what they are. Besides janitorial services and building maintenance, we also specialize in problem solving and no cleaning challenge is too big for us, so get in touch!

Shopping Centers/Malls

Whether you manage a local strip mall or a store in a national chain, we can assist you with all of your janitorial, handyman and commercial building maintenance needs. From the ground floor to the escalators and food courts, we can help keep your beautiful mall in a great shape. Our shopping center janitorial services include much more than just emptying trash cans and cleaning bathrooms. We can do minor plumbing repairs, wax your vinyl floors and even paint over that new graffiti near the entrance!


We understand that cleaning requirements are on a different level for commercial kitchens. Having a sanitary environment in a kitchen is a must, and CBM can help you maintain it with our janitorial services for commercial kitchens. Commercial kitchens get a lot of use and tend to get messy, with food, debris and spills getting lodged in hard-to-reach places. Our janitorial team will clean all nooks and crevices and ensure your commercial kitchen is clean and sanitary. We provide janitorial services to a variety of commercial kitchens, including kitchens in schools, restaurants, nursing homes, medical facilities, etc.

In addition to the above commercial properties, we also work with recreational centers, police stations, auto dealerships, stadiums and many other businesses and commercial buildings.

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