Commercial Cleaning Services

Without maintenance even buildings and offices eventually lose their luster and begin to slowly fall apart. Commercial Building Maintenance can help you protect your real estate investment and keep your tenants happy with timely commercial cleaning services. Whether you are a property manager or a property owner, we will take commercial building maintenance off your to-do list and put it on ours, saving you time and frustrations! We provide commercial cleaning services in Central and Northern Maryland, as well as Northern Virginia and parts of Washington, DC.

Our Services Include

Floor Stripping and Refinishing

Dingy-looking flooring is unattractive and doesn’t make for a good first impression. Commercial Building Maintenance can help you return former glory to your vinyl, linoleum, hardwood or natural stone flooring. We will professionally strip the remaining finish or sealant, and then reseal, refinish and wax your floor as needed. You may think that replacement is your only option, but if your flooring adheres well to the sub-floor and is not chipped or torn, refinishing or buffing could be all it needs. Most floors, especially hardwood, natural stone and vinyl can last for decades if properly installed. Dirt will come off, scratches will buff out, and a fresh layer of sealant or finish will restore the shine!

Light Bulb Replacement

Although light bulb replacement seems like an easy task, it can take up a good chunk of your day. First you would need to find a ladder to get to the light fixture. Then you would need to take out the broken bulb and take a note of its specifications. Then follows a trip to a home improvement store that may or may not carry the bulb you need. And if this light is on a very high ceiling or outside, reaching it can be a problem in itself. Let us take care of it for you, so that you can focus on other important things.

Professional Floor Buffing

Do you run an auto, art, furniture or other type of highly trafficked showroom or a large retail store? If so, you’ve probably noticed that simple mopping doesn’t get rid of the scuff marks and other tiny imperfections. That’s because your flooring needs professional buffing. Allow CBM to help you set the floor buffing schedule based on the use of your showroom and help you maintain your flooring looking like new.

Recycling Old Electronics

Keeping your office or building free from junk is also a part of building maintenance. CBM will be happy to take old computers, monitors, printers and other antiquated equipment off your hands and to a recycling facility. We’ll haul it for you and make sure it’s either safely destroyed, responsibly recycled or given a second use.

Water, Smoke and Fire Restoration

Sometimes unexpected happens and your commercial property may suffer damage from a burst pipe, a leaky roof or a fire in a nearby suite. Call us right away if this happens! Our team has powerful commercial dehumidifiers, fans and water extraction equipment that, if used soon after the accident, can help minimize the damage and get your office back up and running.
CBM also has the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in smoke restoration. If there is a fire in your building, we can come out and remove every last trace of soot and smoke from your commercial space.

Post-Tenant Cleanout

If your commercial property is for rent, you know that most tenants don’t treat it as their own. So after they move out, you may be left with holes in the walls, stained carpets or a clogged sink drain. No worries, our post-tenant cleanout services will help you catch up with all the maintenance your tenants may have neglected. We will patch and paint walls and ceiling, clean everything from top to bottom, remove any trash they left behind and make your property ready for the next tenant.

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