Commercial Building Maintenance

Need someone to clean the bathrooms, take out the trash, wipe the dust and put some shine on that floor? Commercial Building Maintenance can help you with these and many other commercial cleaning and maintenance tasks. We are a local Maryland janitorial service and commercial maintenance company working with property managers, real estate investors and business owners like you to help you take good care of your commercial space. All of our services are flexible, and we’ll be happy to meet with you to discuss how we can better tailor them to your needs!

Building Janitorial Services

CBM provides janitorial services to a wide array of commercial properties from schools and police stations to malls, commercial kitchens and laboratories. We are aware that every industry has its own challenges related to keeping your space clean, and you probably know at least one spot in your facility that becomes a dirty eyesore without constant cleaning. Our team can help you identify these areas and keep them clean day after day, while ensuring the rest of your space is also spotless!

Commercial Maintenance

Commercial reals estate is a big investment, but just like everything else, without an upkeep it will slowly deteriorate. Commercial Building Maintenance, LLC can help you avoid this preventable damage and breakdown by providing timely commercial maintenance services. They include but are not limited to floor stripping and refinishing, wall patching and painting, smoke and water damage restoration, and many more!

GMP Cleaning

We follow strict ISO standards for cleaning and sanitation of cleanrooms in various industries such as biomedical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, nanotechnology and research facilities.

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