Daytime vs. Nighttime Cleaning Services

Choosing daytime vs. nighttime cleaning services can be a difficult decision. The optimal time for your commercial cleaning company to clean your facility depends on your operations. Here are some things to consider when determining when to have your building cleaned.

Daytime Cleaning Services

Having a cleaning service maintain your facility during the day has several benefits. But first, let’s get the primary “con” out of the way. The biggest concern most businesses have with daytime cleaning is disruption to business operations. However, in many cases the cleaning crew is able to begin their noisy or intrusive cleaning early in the morning before most employees arrive. Then the crew can complete the rest of the cleaning later in the day. For example, the vacuuming and bathrooms can be done before the employees arrive, and cafeterias and lunch areas can be done later in the day. 

Now for the daytime cleaning “pros”:

Faster Response Time: Messes happen. Toilets get clogged, coffee gets spilled, and people are generally not great at cleaning up after themselves. By having your cleaning or janitorial service on-site during the day, you can reduce wear and tear on your building by having messes cleaned up before they do damage to carpets and other surfaces. 

Easier to see dirt: In facilities with windows it may be easier to see dirt and dust particles in natural light. Some argue this results in a deeper cleaning. However, standardized cleaning processes go a very long way toward ensuring thorough cleaning regardless of time of day and lighting conditions.

Improved Energy Savings: It goes without saying that lighting is essential to cleaning. Unless your building is staffed around the clock, if your cleaning service cleans your facility in the daytime while the lights, heat or air conditioning are on, you will not have to incur those expenses at night. In fact, energy studies show that after-hours cleaning accounts for up to 25% of a building’s lighting usage, which ends up being about 7% of its total energy usage. 

Enhanced Security at Night: By hiring a reputable cleaning company you should never need to be concerned with security, but depending on the type of business, it may be true that the fewer people coming in and out of your building at night the better. And in some cases, daytime cleaning is safer for the cleaning crew as well.  

Lower Turnover Rates: No matter the industry, studies prove that the rate of employee turnover is lower for daytime positions than nighttime positions. And while some cleaning professionals actually prefer to work in the quiet of the night, many find it too difficult to maintain a normal pace of life. And when turnover is low, you are more likely to receive consistent cleaning service from a crew of cleaning technicians who are familiar with your building. 

Lower Cleaning Rates: Because of the benefits outlined above, daytime cleaning is often less expensive than nighttime cleaning. 

The Benefits of Nighttime Cleaning

An obvious benefit of having your building cleaned at night is that an unoccupied building is easier to clean and will result in a better cleaning result. But there are other benefits to consider as well.

Fewer Interruptions to Your Employees and Customers: Although professional cleaning crews are trained to work around on-site employees without creating disturbances, many facility managers still prefer that their cleaning service to work at night so as not to disrupt those working in the building during the day. Additionally, if you serve customers at your facility, you may find it difficult to give them proper service while the building is being cleaned.

Deeper Cleaning: Because it is typically quieter and emptier, nighttime is an ideal time to do heavy-duty cleaning, such as wet-mopping floors, vacuuming and other loud loud equipment. 

Better Health and Safety: Many people are sensitive to dust and industrial cleaning products. And while the cleaning crew wears personal protective equipment (PPE) like rubber gloves and safety goggles, your employees typically do not. By having your facility cleaned at night, you may be able to avoid complaints from employees and customers. Additionally, there’s no danger of building occupants tripping on power cords or slipping on a wet floor. And at the time of this writing, social distancing is also a reality.) The bottom line, when cleaning a building, the fewer people there are in a building at a time, usually the better it is for everyone. 

The Best of Both Worlds

It can be challenging to choose between daytime and nighttime cleaning. In some cases, day and night cleaning services may be best for your facility when it’s important that someone is always available to tend to the needs of the building. Knowing that messes happen, this approach will ensure that spills are cleaned up immediately and immediate concerns are taken care of.

When the daytime cleaning shift ends, the nighttime crew takes over. They may provide more detailed, maintenance cleaning. And because messes have already been cleaned up, fewer nighttime cleaning technicians may be needed. 

A blend of day and night cleaning services provides you with a practical solution to balance finances with your building’s constant needs. 

No matter when you prefer to have your building clean, CBM is able to meet your needs and give you superior cleaning results. Let us customize the right cleaning schedule for you. Request a quote today.


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