Winter Cleaning

The days are ending early and the nights are getting colder. Winter is coming and this means preparing for colds and viruses. Winter cleaning is essential this season, not only for the pandemic but also for the flu season. Stay on top of these tips for the winter months to ensure safety around you. 

Create a cleaning schedule. 

Cleaning consistently seems to be the only viable option these days. Try to set aside time every week to clean all of your surfaces from the week prior. Refer to our previous blog for common high-touch surfaces. Alternate who cleans in your household so that it doesn’t become so tiresome. If cleaning once a week doesn’t seem enough or is too much for your lifestyle, adjust accordingly. The point of cleaning is to clean along with your daily uses so if you’re not creating as many messes, you can create a more well-versed schedule. Do keep in mind that sanitizing and disinfecting should be a daily task more often than not. 

Hire a cleaning company.

You’re more likely to get that deep clean feel once winter hits if you hire a cleaning company. They have licenses professionals who know what they’re doing. They take care of everything cleaning wise so you don’t have to. It makes things easier for you and can bring a piece of mind knowing that they know how to remove germs properly. Your cleaning skills may not have the same effect, unfortunately. 

Clean area, clean mindset.

When your area is clean, your mindset usually feels clean. Things aren’t in your way and you can be more productive. It feels better to know that your surfaces are clean and you’re protected from viruses. 

Focus on important surfaces.

Focus on cleaning the most important areas above all others. That means anywhere that is in constant contact with other people. This could be the office kitchen, school cafeteria, living room, any public bathroom, and so on. With these sort of precautions, it can definitely help stop the spread of germs. 

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