School Cleaning Tips During COVID

With the pandemic having no end in sight, we have to adapt our lives to the changing times. During the summer, our problems were different but school is coming back into session so we have to start thinking about how to protect the students from the germs. To keep everyone safe, we have to follow some school cleaning tips during covid to instill some safety precautions and CBM is here to help. 

Here are some school cleaning tips to keep your school safe and staying open during COVID

Develop a Plan and Implement It  

When school opens, you are hoping it will stay open long term. Planning how things will change in your school will allow for this to happen. Hiring a commercial cleaning company like CBM before school opens for the year is the first step. Setting limitations and guidelines for everyone to follow comes next. Those limitations and guidelines can include only a certain amount of students in one class room, desks being set up 6ft apart, and cleaning stations in parts of the hallway and classroom. 

Train Staff Members

Training staff members is important because they will be knowledgeable on all CDC guidelines. Creating an official document for your school regarding all COVID procedures can be helpful for teachers and the student’s parents. With all of this information, teachers can plan their classrooms accordingly. 

Prioritize Cleaning and Disinfecting 

This is a given but it’s very crucial to integrate this into daily life at school. Having scheduled breaks for all students to clean their hands and belongings throughout the day will limit the spread of germs. Maybe consider removing sharing items from classrooms including toys and craft supplies. On top of all of this, the school has to be cleaned and disinfected frequently if people are going to school. CBM can be that commercial cleaning service that helps with this. 

Prepare Students for the New Normal

No one anticipated this new normal but we have to adapt to what’s happened, especially when it comes to being in school. Masks should be worn constantly throughout the day. Hand sanitizer should be given out to students all day so no germs are spread. 

Keeping your school clean is critical in these times. Keeping your staff and students safe is critical in these times as well. Hire CBM for your school’s cleaning and disinfecting. 


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