Outsourced Janitorial Services vs In-House Services

Outsourced Janitorial Services vs In-House Services. Finding the right cleaning services for your business is important. Deciding to have your own cleaning service or outsourcing janitorial services depends on a few factors. You have to look at pricing, the range of services each offers, flexibility, and much more. Then it will be clear to you which one suits your business the best. 

Outsourced Janitorial Services

When we say this, we mean hiring an outside cleaning company to come to your business on a scheduled basis. This allows you to worry about your business and the daily tasks of your employees. It’s cost-effective and low maintenance so there isn’t this extra burden. Outsourced janitorial services also offer a variety of cleaning services like window cleaning or junk removal so you always have more services at your disposal. 

Cost-effective: Instead of hiring an in-house cleaning service, you can focus on saving money. In-house cleaning services requires hiring a company and paying them as full-time employees. Your business may not need things cleaned every day and if the messes are minor, you’re probably able to quickly clean them yourselves. Hiring an outsourced janitorial service means you plan out a strategic schedule and pay for their service when they finish the job. There aren’t any strings attached. 

Trained Employees: Employees in an outsourced janitorial service are trained professionals. They have more experience because of the different businesses they have with other companies. This means the services they offer are more vast and the job gets done well. 

In-House Services

This type of service is exactly how it sounds. It’s a service that is hired to work within your company. They are a part of your employees and are on the job every day to help you. You can rely on them for all your cleaning needs no matter what day it is. Some businesses prefer this because of the flexibility and control you can have. This type of service can work better for a bigger business since there are bigger messes and more attentiveness needed. 

Attentiveness: Since your in-house services are a part of your employees, you always have them ready to go when you need them. You don’t have to wait a period of time for a cleaning company to come. There may be a certain way you like things to be cleaned and an in-house service will be more likely to understand that and follow through. 

More Control: An in-house cleaning service gives you more control to decide when and how to use them. You can hire just a few people or a whole team  – it’s up to you and what your business needs. These employees will also know the way around your business more than the outsourced janitorial company might. 

At the end of the day, you have to decide which service Outsourced Janitorial Services vs In-House Services is best for your business. Each service has positive factors to offer. If you’re looking to outsource your cleaning services, Commercial Building Maintenance is here to help! Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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