How to Safely Re-Open Your Business During A Pandemic

How to safely re-open your business during a pandemic? Since parts of America are starting to re-open during the pandemic, we are starting to feel a source of normalcy. With that comes precautions that need to be followed in order to keep yourself and your employees safe. The virus hasn’t disappeared yet so here at CBM, we can help make that re-opening much easier. We can offer some guidance and cleaning services that will keep your worries at ease. 

Develop a Plan of Action

It’s important to develop a plan of action on what your business needs. Every office is different in size and scope so planning along those terms can set the business up for success in the future. It’s about putting the needs of the employees first. For this process to run smoothly, plans should be made. 

  • For people to come back to the office, there should be a floor plan on how employees should be seated and where they can walk around the office. The 6ft away rule should be applied here.
  • Masks should be worn at all times in the office. This will help lessen the spread of germs throughout the area. 
  • Hand sanitizers and disinfectants should be spread around the office to ensure everyone is constantly cleaning their hands, belongings, and desk spaces. You could even create stations in certain high touch areas like meetings rooms and next to doors. 
  • Leave all doors and windows open in the office. Having that ventilation throughout the office can help with lessening the spread of bacteria.  
  • Bathrooms should always be stocked with hand soaps and cleaning supplies, preferably anti-bacterial. This area is usually smaller with little to no proper ventilation so cleaning it constantly should be a priority. 

Our Cleaning Services

During this pandemic, CBM is here to help. If you didn’t already know, CBM offers services like janitorial, commercial cleaning, and commercial handyman. In this particular case, our janitorial service will help the most. With this specific service, we can do a number of things including….

  • Sanitation of bathrooms
  • Sanitation of surfaces like floors, desks, kitchen counters, etc.
  • Cleaning doors and windows
  • Elevator and escalator cleaning

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We hope that this has helped with answering the question: How to safely re-open your business during a pandemic? We are all figuring out how to deal with this pandemic but one thing you can do is create a solid re-opening plan for your business. That way you’re keeping yourself and your employees safe. To hire CBM for your cleaning services, give us a call at 301-482-2122. 

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