How to Clean Medical Facilities During a Pandemic

With everything going on in today’s society, we are all struggling to keep everything in order. We want everyone to be okay and we want to make sure everything stays clean and germ-free. What if CBM could help by giving you tips on how to clean medical facilities during a worldwide pandemic. Here some things to look at with the question: How to clean medical facilities during a pandemic?

Consider some of these steps when deciding how to clean medical facilities. 

1. Wear Gloves and Masks

Protecting your hands and face while cleaning is very important because bacteria can easily sit on your hands and face. With the shortage of masks, there have been recent ideas to make homemade masks. However you decide to go about this, protection is the first step in properly cleaning. 

2. Use Safe Cleaning Products

While cleaning at any medical facility, you have to take into account the certain chemicals you use because patients can be sensitive. Make sure to read the product labels and do research on abrasive chemicals so that there are no complications later. 

3. Clean in Order

You want to start off cleaning the areas that are less dirty. That way, you are not spreading bacteria from the dirtier areas like a bathroom to cleaner areas where patients are. You also want to make sure you disinfect the cleaning equipment when you move from those locations. Cross-contamination is likely so you need to be careful. 

4. Places to Clean

When cleaning medical facilities, here are some places not to miss. They include floors, baseboards, walls, ceilings, doors, medical equipment, sanitizer dispensers, mirrors, windows, high-touch areas, and so on. 

Having these sorts of protocols on how to clean medical facilities will not only keep your environment hygienic but also keep your patients who visit you safe. Stay cautious! 

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