Is Bleach A Disinfectant To Help Protect Us From COVID-19?

In times of need, such as the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s critical to make sure everything is always sanitized and clean. There are certain cleaners that you may already have in your house or business that will help including bleach. So you may be wondering, Is bleach a disinfectant to help protect us from COVID-19? The answer is yes, bleach is an effective disinfectant.  

Let’s take a look at all the benefits of using bleach as a disinfectant.  

Bleach is commonly found in most homes and businesses and with its low cost, it’s easily assessable. Since bleach kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses, this is a great cleaning alternative for COVID-19. 

In order to use bleach correctly, you need to make sure you have the necessities first. Cleaning tools for this consist of a mop, bucket, water, rubber gloves, apron, and goggles. The protective gear used during the use of bleach will cover the eyes and body from any splash of bleach. 

To prepare the bleach, you will need to dilute it with cold water. Don’t mix the bleach with any other detergents or the mixture won’t be effective. For specific measurements, use this link to help you. Make sure you are in a well-ventilated area while doing this because bleach has high fumes that can be harmful.  We hope this information helps with your question: Is bleach a disinfectant to help protect us from COVID-19?

Consider some of these tips when you are disinfecting your home or business. Bleach can be an easy way to make sure everything you have is sanitized. For a covid-19 cleaning list click here

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