Can Having A Clean Office Gain Me More Business?

A clean office can most certainly impress clients. Depending on the size and primary uses of your office, your cleaning needs may be simple or complex. A small office with little foot traffic and occupancy may only require cleaning and maintenance once a week or month, while a large corporate office with many employees may need daily cleaning services performed. To get a better idea of how often a clean office should be a priority to impress clients, take a look at some common types of cleaning needs in professional office settings:


  • Small-Medium Sized Offices: Floors with little foot traffic can be thoroughly cleaned weekly. This can become a daily task during times of heavier traffic and seasons where mud, dirt, and debris are more likely to be tracked in.
  • Large Offices: Offices with many employees and visitors are likely to have floors that get dirty quickly. Whether it be hardwood, tile, carpet, or otherwise, office floor cleaning should be a daily activity to maintain appearances and help ease the effects of wear and tear caused by heavy foot traffic.

mop broom and dustpan used to clean office floor

Waste Bins

  • Small-Medium Sized Offices: If small bins are used, they should be emptied daily. If large bins are used and are not filled as quickly, emptying them weekly is acceptable.
  • Large Offices: Waste bins of all sizes should be emptied daily.


  • Small-Medium Sized Offices: If not many people use the bathroom in your office daily, a deep bathroom cleaning service could be performed once a week. General light cleaning can also be performed daily to decrease the spread of germs.
  • Large Offices: Bathrooms that get lots of traffic throughout the day should be cleaned thoroughly at the end of every business day. This will ensure that germs are not spread and will promote cleanliness in the workplace.


  • Small-Medium Sized Offices: Windows can be cleaned weekly or monthly, depending on weather conditions and other factors.
  • Large Offices: Depending on preference, windows can be cleaned daily, weekly, or monthly, even in a large office setting. Most of the time, indoor foot traffic has little to do with the cleanliness of your office windows, and more to do with exterior factors.

Office window washing service

Kitchen Areas

  • Small-Medium Sized Offices: If your office kitchen or kitchen area is rarely used, it can be cleaned thoroughly once a week. However, if most of your office employees use the kitchen regularly, daily cleaning is likely necessary. Pay close attention to waste bins containing food waste – these should be emptied daily.
  • Large Offices: Kitchens in large offices get a lot of traffic and acquire food waste much quicker than small offices. Daily cleaning of kitchens and dining areas is necessary, and the refrigerator should be organized at the end of every work week to prevent food spoilage and undesirable smells.

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