Why your janitorial service should be insured?

It cannot be stressed enough as to how important it is for your janitorial service to have a valid insurance to protect your own interests. Janitors perform tasks on a commercial scale as well in homes across Maryland. It is thus, part of their job to handle your property and perform their jobs, ensuring the safety of their premises. By virtue, their jobs expose them to liability risks. Imagine if you hire a janitorial service to clean and service your office and they end up damaging a waterline that causes the whole office to be flooded! Who will you hold responsible; the janitor or their business? Even if you manage to hold them liable for it, they might not be financially strong enough to pay you for the damages that will cover your loss. This is exactly why you should only hire insured janitors in order to safeguard your interests.

Advantages of hiring insured janitorial services

  • The first and most important advantage of hiring an insured janitorial service is that you can hold the insurance company liable for any negligence on behalf of the janitor. This will help you secure adequate damages for your losses as in some cases, if the janitor is not insured, you will not be able to hold them liable for the complete cost.
  • Most janitorial services only hire skilled labor that have a valid insurance, as their job requires them to have a certain degree of knowledge and experience. If you hire a janitor that does not have insurance, there is a high chance that they will not perform their job to the optimum level. Making sure that the janitor is insured will help you choose a competent individual to complete the job.
  • There are different types of insurance that are available to janitors across Maryland such as general liability insurance. These policies are only offered to licensed janitors. So hiring an insured janitor will ensure that they have experience in their line of work.
  • In commercial settings, janitors usually work after hours. If they are not insured, this is a huge risk for the safety of your business. In order to get insured, a background check is done to make sure the janitor is trustworthy and that they will perform their duties with integrity.
  • One final advantage of an insured janitorial service is that they are legally allowed to work in the area. If they are not insured, there is a chance that they are illegally operating in the region and putting you and your business at risk.

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