Commercial Janitorial Apartment Building Challenges

Maryland is home to just over 6 million people, many of whom take residency in condominiums and apartment complexes. Living in a community of apartments or condos has many benefits. One that tops the list is that when things break, become old and worn, or need maintenance, it is not the responsibility of the tenant. Instead, the cleaning and maintenance tasks are those of the property manager. There are a lot of commercial janitorial apartment building challenges.

Most property managers seek out commercial cleaning and handyman services to take on the many clean-ups and repairs. Apartment complexes and similar tenant facilities require a higher level of attention and dedication than most other commercial properties, and here’s why:

3 Tenant Facility Challenges

Diverse Cleaning Requirements

Many Apartment complexes feature common areas, restrooms, kitchens, laundry facilities, fitness areas, and more. Visitors could be attending these areas day and night as well, which makes inconspicuous cleaning an issue. A major challenge to this is that many commercial cleaning companies in Maryland only offer specialized services and exclude certain areas from their offerings. Because an apartment system or condominium can be so diverse, you might hire someone who can’t take full responsibility of 100% upkeep on the property. At CBM we include all building cleaning and maintenance areas in our offerings. Because of this you’ll find there is no task we can’t handle – we’ll even work odd hours to accommodate your residents.

Quick Turnover

Fast response time is critical when cleaning for a tenant facility. The reputation of your business depends on it. When tenants have to deal with maintenance or cleanliness issues, it reflects poorly on the property. CBM understands the importance of a quick turnaround in order to keep a tenant happy. We work with your facility to ensure that we are available when you need us, to get the job done fast.

High Traffic Concerns

Because tenants come and go and because common areas are shared by so many, floors and carpets can become damaged over just a short period of time. It is crucial to maintain a facility for the long game. CBM uses expert methods to ensure the longevity of your property and we clean and maintain with the goal of extending the life of your space.

Commercial Building Maintenance understands the elevated needs that tenant properties face. We are the property manager’s dream come true: a quality commercial cleaning company that can handle any task, no matter the size and scope. We understand the value of a job well done and that quick turnaround time is key to keeping properties running smoothly. Let CBM be the solution to your property management needs. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate of your Maryland apartment complex, condominium or any commercial property.

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