Cleaning a Maryland Baseball Stadium

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Ballgames mean fun, friends, family, stadium food, peanuts and cheap beer. They also mean a huge mess! When you’re enjoying a ball game with friends on a hot summer day, the last thing you are thinking about is cleaning up after yourself. But someone must clean up all the peanut shells, beer cans and straw wrappers each night after a big game. Baseball stadiums can be some of the messiest entertainment arenas with fans drinking and eating for hours with little regard to spills, trash and junk left behind. Yet each day before the game the stadium opens to fans spotless and pristine, as if the previous night’s game never happened. So cleaning a Maryland baseball stadium, what goes into this huge cleaning endeavor?

Steps to a Clean Stadium

First things first: sweeping. The first step to cleaning any stadium is sweeping all the trash and debris left in the stadium after the big game. After sweeping away all dirt and debris, trash is taken out of the stadium in loads, clearing the seats for more thorough cleaning. For areas that are harder to sweep with a broom, blowers are used to remove any remaining trash, which is then swept away and discarded. After all trash and dirt have been removed from the stadium, the seats and walkways need a good cleaning. Seats and walkways are power washed to remove any stains, spilled drinks, food, and additional dirt left behind by fans. This power-washing ensures you don’t step in anything sticky on your way to your seat, and prevents buildup and excess bacterial growth.

Additional Areas in Need of Cleaning

In addition to the stadium seating, concession areas, restrooms and box suites all need cleaning after each game. In general, concession stands are responsible for cleaning their own areas and equipment, while box owners must also oversee the cleaning of their box (normal cleaning is often a part of their catering contract). These concession stand owners often outsource cleaning to the same cleaning company that handles the stadium and bathroom areas, however they do not have to. The field itself also needs a good cleaning, however this area is maintained in a very specific way, as to not damage the grass. Grass is cut to a specific length, dirt is swept and raked, and the bases are dusted and cleaned.

Ball games provide a place for us to connect with friends and family while enjoying good food and drinks. Baseball is one of America’s greatest pastimes, and while we enjoy the atmosphere of the ballpark, many people are working tirelessly to keep the stadium in pristine condition. These workers put in long and odd hours to ensure stadium patrons the best experience possible. At CBM, we are experts in our field of janitorial services. We understand the amount of time and level of commitment that goes into maintaining high traffic areas such as a baseball stadium. If your business is in need of a quality janitorial service, whether it be a baseball stadium, an office building, or a medical facility, leave it in our qualified and capable hands!

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