What To Expect From Your Office Janitorial Service

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You come to work in the morning, grab a cup of coffee and sit down at your desk to begin your days work. While you work, you probably don’t think about the janitorial crew that came through last night to clean your office space. Most large businesses employ some form of regular janitorial service, because a clean office makes for happy employees and overall better work. What to expect from your office janitorial service? Since most office employees never come face to face with their professional cleaning company, here is what to expect.

The Lobby

Cleaners will clean the lobby and waiting areas to remove the dirt of the previous days foot traffic. This means vacuuming, polishing and waxing floors, wiping fingerprints off desks, tables, counters, and glass surfaces. We’ve even been know to dust a plant or two if their leaves get dirty.

The Floors

The floors in an office setting canb take quite the beating. They get lots of foot traffic, all day, not to mention the extra wear from high heeled and hard rubber soled shoes. We pay very close attention to office floors as they can last longer over time with proper upkeep, and they also play a big role in how clean and presentable the space looks.

Doors and Windows

Many offices have glass doors and windows. It’s our job at night to make those shine for you in the morning. Glass surfaces show streaks, fingerprints, and dust very easily, which is why we take special care to wipe them each night.


This one is a big one. Each night we empty the office trash – if we didn’t, this would surely be the first thing that you would notice in the morning. Many office employees eat at their desk as though it is their home away from home. Trash in the office can quickly become stinky and can also attract insects like fruit flies. We make sure the trash is removed each night so that you can come back to a clean sanitary office in the morning.


Office areas tend to be more dusty than the average home. There are more people to track in dirt and create the basis for dust and the large HVAC systems that run through offices will play a huge role in moving dust around. General dusting is a huge part of the office janitor’s role, and one that keeps everyone in the office healthier and happier.


Probably the most complex job in the office are the bathrooms. A great deal of care is taken to ensure bathrooms are clean, sanitary, and functional for the following days work. It is important to us as professionals that the office bathroom is pristine when we leave.

Handrails and Railings

You would be very surprised at how many germs can live on a hand rail or railing, and how easily that can spread in an office setting. Because we care about our clients and their employees we make sure to sanitize handrails and railings each night yo help stop the spread of germs.

Parking Lot Cleanup

You may not expect that the janitor will be cleaning trash from the parking lot, but we do! We collect outdoor garbage, pick up stray trash, sweep areas where debris collects, and make sure that the outside of your office is just as clean as the inside.

This is just a glimpse of all the services that we provide – any cleaning task that your office might have we can surely handle. Office janitors are usually not seen by the office employees but we are there for them each night making certain that their morning will be comfortable. If your office needs professional janitorial services or your current janitor is not meeting these high standards, contact us for a free estimate on your property.

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