Why You Should Thank Your School Janitorial Service

If you haven’t already sent your kids back to school or college, that means you are just right around the corner from it. While most people focus on the school supply shopping, the meet the teach nights, and capturing that perfect back-to-school picture, don’t forget to thank someone very important: Your school or colleges Janitor or Janitorial Service. Most school janitors are behind the scenes and are only seen during the day when needed, you should know that they are there late at night and over the weekends and the summer making your schools clean and healthy for it’s faculty and students.

In case you needed more reasons to be thankful for the person that keeps the school hallways spin and span consider the following:

General Upkeep

School janitorial services maintain the school all year and do much more than clean the bathroom and lockers. There is yearly maintenance that takes place and most janitors are busy year round while students enjoy their vacations to maintain the building and keep it safe.


If you are used to cleaning your homes floors after children have come home and tracked in dirt, consider that the school’s janitors deal with around 1,000 students that track in over 25 pounds of dirt each month. The floors are large and need to be cleaned daily, a job in and of itself.

Safety First

Janitors clean bathrooms, cafeterias, and classrooms and ensure that disinfectants are used and kill the germs that cause many students to miss school due to the cold or flu. If janitors weren’t there to disinfect than school wouldn’t be as safe for our students.

Saving Money

Often times janitors fix what needs to be fixed around the school and in turn save them from costly repairs. In addition to making repairs keeping the classroom carpeting clean ensures that it lasts as long as possible between re-carpeting, sometimes up to ten years.

Remind your students that you should thank your school janitorial service. If your school or business is in need of a janitor or janitorial services you can contact CBM, who knows that a clean facility is critical to a safe learning environment.

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