What to Look for in a Janitorial Service

Your business is in the market for a new janitorial service, but you don’t know where to begin or what to look for. Selecting a janitorial company can be overwhelming, but there are key things you can look for when narrowing down your choices to ensure you make a wise decision. Many business owners or managers don’t take the time that’s necessary to find a good fit, and end up bouncing from company to company in frustration. Here are some simple things to consider and speak with prospective vendors about:

What Services do they Offer

Not all janitorial vendors are the same, some offer more thorough services than others, and at varying costs. If your space requires less upkeep, then opting for a less in depth cleaning service may serve you just fine and save you some money. But it is important to be clear on what you expect when hiring a janitorial service so that you do not end up disappointed.

Quality Work

When selecting a janitorial vendor don’t be afraid to ask about the company’s employees. How experienced are their employees? How are they trained? Do they all follow standard work practices? Will you have “regular” janitors or is there a rotation? The answers to these questions greatly impacts your experience with the company, so it is important to have a sense of the companies work ethic and commitment to quality. Having standard work processes should be a major factor when choosing a company to worth with as it ensures that the same work is done at each cleaning, and of the same quality each time.


Understandably, this item will be high on your list when meeting with potential vendors. Pre-determine your monthly janitorial budget before your meeting and ask clear questions about what your expense will cover with each cleaning. You will also want to discuss billing with any companies you meet with, so you have a clear understanding of their billing practices. It’s wise to find out how frequently they bill if the company accepts credit, check, electronic transfers, etc.


Another important thing to consider when choosing a company is communication. Without good lines of communication, it is easy to become frustrated with your service and want to move onto another provider. Talk candidly during your meetings or phone conversations about what kind of customer support you expect, so you can determine if you and the vendor are on the same page.

Choosing a vendor to work with can be stressful; a bad decision comes back on you and can not only make you look bad, but also cost you time and money in finding a replacement solution. Knowing what things to look a into janitorial service for and going into meetings with clear and concise questions can save you time, money, and frustration. At Commercial Building Maintenance we are here for you, and we’d love to meet with you to discuss our services to see if we are the best fit for you!

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