Construction Cleanup in Maryland

Post Construction Cleanup

Commercial Building Maintenance LLC is often used by out of state construction companies to clean up after remodeling in central Maryland.

Short Notice Labor Provided

Contractor cleanup services, construction cleanup and post-construction cleanup services

After construction cleanup from Commercial Building Maintenance LLC

Post Construction cleanup at Lockeed Martin in Germantown MD

Commercial Building Maintenance LLC offers full-service pre-construction and post-construction cleanup.

Construction cleaning services include:

  • Rough construction cleanup or post-construction cleaning. Remove debris from the worksite. Prepare floors for carpet installation, wash windows, and dust removal from all surfaces.
  • Final Construction Cleanup: We take care of all final touches before owners or commercial real estate tenants move in.
  • Exterior Construction Cleanup: Short Notice Labor and tools needed to clean your office building or warehouse and the surrounding areas. Haul away lumber, debris, and any trash.


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