Showroom Floor Cleaning During Winter – Salt Residue

Maryland’s back to back snow and ice storms can overwhelm your office cleaning staff, CBM LLC can protect your showroom floor

Salt being tracked in can leave unsightly residue and can even harm your office floors

Keeping office floors clean during a harsh winter (like the winter of 2014) is not only important to keep your business looking professional, but slippery floors can increase the chances of “slip and fall” accidents. Also, after all the snow and ice being tracked in the melting can leave dirt and grime all over the floors. So it is good to make sure all is cleaned up to prevent this from happening.

Outdoor ice melt chemicals often leave a film of residue when tracked inside. Keep the floors clean from left over residue from the ice melt and salt so that the floors do not get a more permanent look. Showroom floor cleaning has a lot of surface area to cover so it is best to use the tools necessary to be able to handle such a big area. You wouldn’t want to use a broom you use in a kitchen for a showroom floor, that would be ridiculous. Instead, try using a bigger sweeper perhaps an outdoor type of broom, but make sure it is to only be used on the showroom floor.


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